Virtual Finance Director

Your business may have developed in such as way that it would benefit from an experienced financial assistant on a regular basis.

If, like many businesses, you are not able to justify employing a full time Finance Director or a Financial Controller, a virtual solution may be the answer.

Incisive Accountants have many years’ experience in these roles in a wide variety of industries and offer a cost effective solution as an alternative to taking on an employee.

Not only would your Virtual Finance Director be involved in assisting you in the management of your business growth, change and turnaround, but they would also be responsible for routine accounting and reporting.

Some of the essential business tasks undertaken by an Incisive Accounting Virtual Finance Director are:

  • Preparation of monthly management accounts and reporting to board/shareholders
  • Preparation of year end accounts
  • Reviewing and Auditing your accounting systems and processes
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Financial forecasting, budgeting and cash flow forecasts
  • Liaising with shareholders, banks, auditors and government bodies
  • Ensuring your business adhers to corporate governance requirements
  • Maintaining cost control
  • Attending board meetings

Whether your business would benefit from as little as a day per quarter, to as much as 2-3 days per week, the expertise of your Virtual Finance Director will be instrumental in your business growth and financial peace of mind.

If you would like more information about how an Incisive Virtual Finance Director would help your business, please do give us a call on 0208 544 4113.