Making the Most of Tax-free Allowances.

Between the personal allowance, savings allowance and dividend allowance it can be tricky to work out how everything should be divided in order to save money on your tax bill. Let’s have a little look at each one and how it fits into our puzzle:

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Cars, Business and VAT.

Claiming VAT on your work related vehicles can get a little complex. We're going to have a look at what you can and cannot claim and how to achieve that.

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PAYE Exemptions and Dispensations

During April 2016 the laws on dispensations changed; they have now been replaced with exemptions. Over twelve months later, there is still confusion over the appropriate way to handle expenses. 

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The Criminal Finances Act; Tax Evasion and your Business

Text for the Criminal Finances Act 2017 has now been agreed upon by both houses and received Royal Ascent on the 27th April, but what does this mean in regards to tax evasion and your business?

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