Changes to Tax Relief for Residential Landlords; What to do now?

Until April this year landlords could offset their mortgage costs against their profits by claiming tax relief on their mortgage interest.  From April this year the tax relief that residential landlords receive has changed; over the next four years finance costs will be restricted to the basic ra

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New Website and Wise Words from Yasar Khan (CEO)

Incisive Accounting is now in its seventh year and far from taking it easy, the team are striving to become even more excellent. With a brand new website showing off new technologies, they are well known for being ahead of the curve. We caught up with CEO and founder Yasar khan:

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HMRC Issue Tax-Free Childcare Compensation.

Are you eligible for compensation from HRMC regarding Tax-Free Childcare?
HMRC has been experiencing problems with its Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) software, resulting in some users being unable to access their website and accounts. 
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Retirement, Family Shareholders and Profit Extraction.

If you’re considering retiring from your company and wish to pass it down to the next generation whilst making profit on your shares, just how should you go about this?

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